Peace of Mind for Holiday home owners and Absent Landlords/Owners


This is a COMPLETLY ANONYMOUS (unless you ask us to contact you) survey to judge the needs in our area for the following services.


The first category is primarily aimed at usually absent landlords, but could include permanent residents.

Your input will be greatly appreciated. Thank You

I am a…
I live or have a property is in the PA38 postcode area?
I am interested in

Property Monitoring & Maintenance

Regular Visits to Property to check for issues

To do a basic walk around the property externally or internally to look for obvious issues. Check oil/gas levels, and report back to owner via email and or confidential online report.
Key Holder Service

Hold keys locally for absent owners / landlords.
Identify and resolve urgent problems such as leaks and power outages

Respond to reports of problems and discuss solution with owners.
Identify and undertake repairs to infrastructure or arrange if this is not in existing skills set
Post Collection

Collect and hold securely post, or forward to owner/landlords.
Meet & Greet visitors arriving

Meet and greet visitors – this service is only available after hours and on weekends.
Meet and supervise repair contractors
PAT Testing
Legionella Compliance
Smoke Alarm Fitting & Compliance

Virtual Admin Services

Email Management

Setting up a system for incoming emails / Setting up automatic filters / Forwarding messages / Drafting replies to frequently asked questions / List segmentation / Removing hard bounces from contacts lists / Updating signup forms and opt-in forms
Travel Assistant

Research the best options for airfare and additional expenses such as baggage / Research the best options for car rental and hotel accommodation / Compile travel schedules for specific itineraries, as requested for budgeting purposes / Research visa requirements / Contact airlines and hotels to make reservations / Arrange for airport pick-up and drop-off / Arrange contingency plans in case of changes or cancellations / Purchase travel insurance / Find locations to host meetings at the place of destination / Research local attractions and book guided tours
Website Design and Maintenance (WordPress)

Creating online business management tools for data collection and management / Updating plugins / Cleaning up unwanted elements from themes / Setting up social media integrations / Setting up or refreshing contact forms / Managing regular backups / Managing security updates / Deleting unused media files / Unpublishing unwanted pages and deleting old drafts / Optimizing images / Checking privacy policy compliance
Setting up an Online E-commerce Store

Registering domain names and setting up the website / Uploading product images / Uploading product specifications / Writing product descriptions from information supplied / Setting up payment options / Setting up inventory management platforms / Setting up fulfilment systems / Setting up gift certificates and coupons / Setting up refund policies
Calendar Management & Document Production

Setting up scheduling platforms / Scheduling appointments and meetings / Sending reminders to contacts / Rescheduling missed appointments / Scheduling recurring and one-time events / Confirming availability / Production of form fillable and self-adapting PDF Forms / Production of form fillable Word Documents / Proof reading / Production of invoices / Contact forms / Order forms
Data Entry & Managing Databases

Define and set up categories and rules / Enter new information into the database on a regular basis / Keep the database updated / Create data spreadsheets and graphs / Report creation
Quality Management

Proof reading / Writing of policies and procedures / Lean Business management advice / Facilities tracker for hospitality and accommodation


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